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Adam Bass has a history of public service. He has proven himself as a great advocate for our children on the Bossier Parish School Board and now he is asking for your vote to be your next State Senator in District 36. 

Conservative Republican​

Member, Cypress Baptist Church

Husband to Britney Barrera Bass and Father to three

Board of Directors, Military Affairs Council

Member, Bossier Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Owner - 20 years

NRA Member

Graduate of Airline High School

Graduate of Louisiana Tech

Lifelong Bossier Resident

Member & Past President, Bossier Parish School Board

Strong Supporter of Law Enforcement


  • Keep violent criminals off of our streets - The best deterrent to crime is to have tough penalties on violent criminals.  Violent criminals quickly returning to our streets without rehabilitation will only lead to more violent crime.

  • Fix our roads and bridges - Our area generates quite a bit of revenue in the state, but very little of that revenue is reinvested in our area.  Adam will fight to make sure that these funds are brought back to our area to fix our crumbling roads and bridges.

  • Help our education system - As a Bossier Parish School Board member, Adam knows the issues that face our teachers, parents, and students.  As State Senator, Adam will work to make sure our needs are met to keep our schools as some of the best schools in the state.  

  • Tax and Spending - Taxes are high in our state, and our return on investment is low.  As State Senator, Adam will not support any tax increases.  Adam will also support spending government dollars more efficiency and cutting government waste.

  • Lower Automobile Insurance Rates - Automobile insurance rates have steadily increased in Louisiana, and not much has been done to address this issue.  Adam will bring his experience to Baton Rouge to help address the situation, and work to find a solution to these rising rates.  WE CAN NOT AFFORD FOR RATES TO KEEP GOING UP.

  • Tax Reform and Support Businesses - Louisiana's tax codes are some of the toughest in the nation for businesses to understand.  Adam will work to streamline this process, and to simplify our tax code.  We need to make it easier to start a business in Louisiana, not throw in unnecessary roadblocks.  Small businesses are crucial to the success of our state. 

  • Promote Election Integrity - Safe and secure elections are a critical part of our nation's freedom.  Adam will support measures to help keep Louisiana's elections safe.  

  • Pro-Life - Adam is 100% Pro-Life. 

  • Pro-2nd Amendment - Adam is an NRA member.  As State Senator, Adam will make sure that our gun rights are not infringed upon.  Adam is a supporter of Constitutional Carry.

  • Pro-Individual Liberty - As School Board President, Adam's first agenda item was to make Bossier Parish the first parish in the state to lift the mask mandate on children.  Adam supports our individual liberties and freedoms.  

  • Pro Term Limits - Adam supports term limits at all levels of government.

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